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The Beat Group restaurant chain is a big and close family in love with its job. Our restaurants are unique in their style and atmosphere, but they are also united by coziness, food, cooked with soul and traditional hospitality. We know how to realize our guests every wish.

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01. Video Production & Photography

Every brand is founded on powerful stories and truths; we create the branded content it takes to express these stories and truths.

As an agency, everything we do is focused on helping brands simplify
and clarify who they are and what they stand for.

02. Brand Strategy & Identity

We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision,
and the power of emotion across every element of its expression.
Today’s consumer doesn’t just buy a brand, they join it.

This is why the best brands are simple ones: they’re easy to understand
and impossible to ignore.

03. Designing the future

Our design approach is based on this principle: experiences that people enjoy form the strongest connections between a brand and its audience.

Our process always starts with our user, and through strategic design we craft systems that surprise and delight while providing deeper relevance and greater value.

04. Experience through content

Authentic connections between brands and people are made when engaging content captures a consumer’s attention and speaks
the brand’s truth.

Working in collaboration with partners, our in-house production team creates video, motion, audio, and 3D content for brands.

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