about us

Beat Group is a Business Managing Company that was established in the year of 2009. During these years we have achieved a «one-of-a-kind  in the country» reputation.
It has all started with “Opera Lounge”– a luxury and glamorous space located in the heart of Baku. To this year our family has significantly grown to a network which includes numerous restaurants, retail boutiques, print projects, catering services and etc
We would also like to mention such projects as – the opening and operation of Euroclub – a special rest and leisure facility for the participants of Eurovision Song Contest 2012; the launch of the “Nargis” magazine as well as theme decoration of its Gala event; organization of Emin’s concerts in Chrystal Hall, Buta Palace and Green Theatre and etc.
Our references are Yarat Contemporary Art Space, Statoil, Bilgeh Estates and others.
Beat Group – is a dynamically developing company with constant expanding interests and possibilities.