Three colors of joy

There are white, red and pink wines. However, it’s all about the appearance. In fact, there is a huge gulf between white (because pink is almost the same as white) and red wines. I would say those two are like night and day.  
They taste different: whatever you love about white wine is often unacceptable for red one, and vice versa. 
The whole process of making these two wines is also different: starting from the grape picking till the moment the wine is poured into the bottles. 
However, the technology dissimilarity starts even before harvesting, as the grapes for white and red wines are planted and grown in various ways. Although, sometimes it is the same kind of grape. 
Thinking that white wine is made out of white grapes; red wine - out of red grapes, and the pink one is made by combining both is a common mistake of many people. 
It is not like that. Well, let’s say it is not always like that. White wine is often made out of red grapes, and sometimes-red wine is made out of white grapes. Both wines owe their success to the same sort of grape. 
For example, both Dom Perignon champagne and red burgundy wine are famous for their exquisite taste of black grapes - Pinot Noir.