Address of the Restaurant

14 Khojali ave.

Contact number

+994 12 480 32 23

Working hours

12:00 - 02:00

Cuisines and dishes

Tea house

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Authentic tearoom “Pakhlava” takes its name from the traditional rich and sweet pastry made of layers. Designed to bring the timeless traditions of Azerbaijan to the guests, the atmosphere, menu and staff reflect our local customs. You’ll be surprised, but the main feature of the restaurant is its tea collection, or, let’s be specific – tea from Vivel. The collection consists of more than 30 different kinds: black tea, green tea, red, blue and even white. Along with aromatic tea “Pakhlava” offer its guests huge variety of traditional sweets, dry fruits, nuts and jams. 
And if the guest would like to eat a little something before having the dessert, “Pakhlava” has a “Plan B”: amazingly delicious jorat qutabs; grilled gyoza; dushbara or doner (with meat, chicken or fish).
Apart from all of the above-mentioned “delicious facts”, the place is perfect for all shisha lovers in Baku city.

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