Baku breakfast
We have a wonderful  news, friends! Now during weekends from 9:00 till 15:00 we serve traditional Azerbaijani breakfast - only 10 AZN per person! You will be offered a special menu and you will have an opportunity to choose everything you love most of all. Do not oversleep your weekend breakfast!
Dear ladies! SEA BREEZE runs the detox center Health Club & Wellness Center to cleanse the body and weight loss. What you will get: the sea, detox, massage, consultation with a nutritionist, sports, green juices and new habits. Here, under the strict supervision of a physician you will be able to transform internally and externally. Holidays in our detox center Sea Breeze is a great opportunity to get rid of accumulated stress and extra centimeters. For more information, please contact the following number: (012) 310 22 22
Eat Easy
Eat Easy is more than just a food delivery. It is a perfect combination of high culinary standards and professional approach.The menu offers a balanced diet on a daily basis in a special simple way. It consists of various programs that ensure the weight loss, the gain of muscle mass and etc. But the most important part is that it makes your metabolism better without feeling of hunger. Remember that taking care of the way you eat is an investment to your health, youth and beauty.
Ballroom - Coming Soon!
Very soon BEAT Group will present all residents and guests of our capital a real "pearl of the collection ", a new institution, which name speaks for itself - Ballroom. A usual Banquet Hall designed by «Studio Belenko» will acquire the spirit of the Royal Palace! Four large luxurious rooms, one of which is situated outdoors, also a spacious and bright lobby, high occupancy underground parking, and, of course, stylish, elegant and airy interior. Ideal for any occasion like a wedding, birthday, corporate party or a concert.