Old New Year

the address of the event

Sea Breeze

Ticket price


Date of the event

13 January 2017

Contact number


Points of sale

Sea Breeze

Time of the event

20:00 - 18:00

Meet the Old New Year at Sea Breeze! It's a good idea to bring a beautiful line after a long festive marathon. On January, 13 we invite everyone to visit us to celebrate this pleasant holiday as it should be celebrated. You will get live music, 30% discount on all restaurant menu abundant with delicious food and drinks and the night in the hotel for 99 AZN. Late checkout - 18:00. The event starts at 20:00. For more information, please contact the following numbers: (012) 310 22 22, (050) 233 25 44. Friends, see the Old New Year off tasty!

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