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Opera və Balet Teatrı

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11 February 2017

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19:00 - 22:00

In recent years in Azerbaijan as a result of the rapid growth of popularity of social networks, we have seen the displacement of traditional media. Social networks have become the platform of communication more in the source of information and exchange, demonstration of talents and skills, as well as the field to discuss the agenda. In this regard, last year in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram appeared countless interesting "themes", the heroes of which were able to attract the attention of a large audience. Since most of the media in our country is made up of social networks, and the most interesting projects are illuminated using the Internet space, in a word, people generally "blow up" in social networks, we have decided to establish a "Social Media Award". The project and the award is called «Bomb». We wanted to reward those who in 2016 "blew up" in social networks with their status or video material, some project or "caps" , etc. The most worthy candidates were determined by «Bomb» Award. This project was fully covered and the event itself was reflected in the media. Nominees and guests present at the event, which took place on February, 11 at the Azerbaijan Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, had the opportunity to discuss current events, communicate with each other in a warm, relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Those leading the evening ceremony brought the sincerity and warmth, moving away from the usual official manner of conducting such events, they are invited the winners one by one and congratulated them in their intrinsic manner. Everyone in the audience sincerely shared the joy of the winners and left the event with elevated mood. We hope that the "Bomba" prize will become a tradition!

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